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Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal


We pick the right strains for a specific problem

Different bacteria have different biochemical capabilities. Some make different types of Vitamins. Some digest com... See More


Our Encapsulation Technology

To make a difference, the probiotics should reach the gut without getting killed by the gastric juices, acid and b... See More


We Nourish Our Probiotics

Once the bacteria reach your gut, they’ll need nutrition from a plant-rich, high- fibre diet to flourish. This ‘fo... See More


Support With Nutrients

Depending on what’s got you feeling down, the good bacteria need reinforcements in the form of vitamins, essential... See More

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Every gut microbiome is different and every question is special. Solve your queries with us

Is The Good Bug suitable for everyone?

In addition to being suitable for the majority of people, The Good Bug supplements are created with your needs in mind. We offer formulas for 4 different categories : Women's health, Digestive health, Core health and Kid's Health. All our products are specifically formulated to focus on various health issues.Please be aware that even though we have no reason to believe The Good Bug is harmful for our health, there aren't enough studies for us to declare it's safe to take it while pregnant. As a result, we advise avoiding it while you're expecting or trying to get pregnant and sticking with The Good Bug Postpartum while breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before taking The Good Bug if you have a health condition or are on any medications, notably anticoagulants and blood thinners. if you have a health problem or are on any medications, notably anticoagulants and blood thinners.

Does The Good Bug contain any drugs?

No, The Good Bug is 100% drug-free.

Is it safe for people with Diabetes?

Yes, it is diabetes friendly . There is no added sugar or any ingredient that would raise the blood glucose levels

Why are these products better than other dietary supplements on the market?

Our products are formulated with not just benefical strains of bacteria but also prebiotics and valuable nutrients that enhance the effectiveness of the probiotic. All our ingredients are backed by clinical studies and published research.

Won't the bacteria in your supplement get destroyed by the acids in the stomach ?

To protect the bacteria from stomach acid, we use microencapsulation technology, so the bacteria travels unharmed till the gut and carries out its function

Not sure which probiotics is right for you?

The experts are here to help you figure it out.