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Sleep and Calm | Sleep & Stress support

Sleep and Calm | Sleep & Stress support

Stay calmer, sleep better & longer. Lactobacillus Reuteri probiotic relaxes the mind and body. This SuperGut sti... See More

When to Consume

Empty stomach

Once a day

30 mins before sleeping

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Is Sleep and Calm for me?

This is the right synbiotic for you if you: Have difficulty falling asleep Frequently get anxious or stressed Are unable to sleep through the night Need to reset your sleep-wake cycle.

How it supports sleep stress?

  • Lactobacillus Reuteri

    A bacterial strain that has been found to reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. Regular consumption improves the quality of sleep.

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  • Inulin

    A plant-based fiber that’s a good source of energy. It stimulates the growth of good bacteria, and helps in digestion and controlling your blood sugar.

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  • Melatonin

    A hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Its production in your body can be affected by stress, caffeine, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Melatonin helps your body relax, prepare for sleep at bedtime, and also improves the quality of sleep.

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  • L-Theanine

    An amino acid that lowers stress and calms your mind, enabling you to get a good night’s sleep.

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Will I oversleep or feel drowsy in the morning after taking this?

No, you will wake up at your usual waking time, feeling well-rested, not drowsy.

Is Sleep and Calm habit-forming?

No, it is not habit-forming at all. None of the ingredients we have added to this synbiotic powder will lead to habit formation or addiction.

What are the benefits of sound sleep?

A good night’s sleep rejuvenates your mind, improves heart function, and lowers the risk of inflammation. It also heals the body, promotes growth, and helps you lose weight.

What is melatonin and is its supplementation necessary?

If you spend long hours staring at your laptop, cell phone, or television screens, you are being exposed to a lot of blue light. This interferes with your body’s natural melatonin production, affecting your sleep. A melatonin supplement will help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up refreshed.

What is the connection between stress and sleep?

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you could experience higher levels of stress, frustration, depression and anxiety.