Your Gut Microbiome Is At The Core Of Your Well Being.

90 %

Your Health

Up to 90% all disease can be traced back in someway to the gut and the health of the microbiome

80 %

Your Immunity

With 70-80% of immune cells being present
in the gut, there is an intricate interplay
between the intestinal microbiota and the
local mucosal immune system

90 %

Your Metabolism

Gut Microbiome has a big impact on metabolism. An analysis of the
bacteria in our gut can predict obesity with an accuracy of more than 90%.

80 %

Your Mood

Your gut produces about 95% of the
happiness hormone- serotonin. It plays a
vital role in the communication between
your gut and brain.

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Engineered To Reach
Your Gut Alive

Any probiotic you consume has to survive the acid in your stomach to get to your gut. Our Synbiotic SuperGut powders are specially formulated to ensure that the good bugs are alive and kicking when they reach their destination.

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Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal

Our SuperGut sticks are a blend of pre + probioitocs with essential nutrients

Synbiotic Formula

Live Engineered To Survive

Clinically validated strains

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  • Dr. Prasana Shah

    With over 19 years of experience, Dr. Prasana has held positions in reputable medical facilities as Jaslok Breachcandy, Saifee Hospital, and Jain Conwest Hospital. Passionate about weight loss surgeries and pancreatic disorders.

  • Dr. Aruna Sadarangani

    With over 19 years of experience, Dr. Aruna, works as a gynaecologist consultant at Wockhardt and Drago Lifeline Hospitals. She specialises in high-risk pregnancy, infertility, and adolescent gynaecology.

  • Samreedhi Goel

    Wtih over 19 years of experience. She served as a consulting nutritionist for IG International, Tibbs Frankie, and Kellogg's India. She writes fitness colums for a few of the top national and international journals

  • Kumar Sankaran

    CEO Leucine Rich Bio
    A business leader with Healthcare Research and delivery experience. In his current role he is spearheading the growth and innovation in the Microbiome domain for the Asian market.

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