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About The Good Bug

About The Good Bug

We are India's first Gut-health focused, Health & Wellness brand called ‘The Good Bug’ built around Prebiotics and Probiotics. Our core belief lies in the fact that the Gut is truly the centre of overall Health & well-being. It’s not only connected to Digestive Health but whether it's Immunity, Metabolism & Weight Loss, Gynaecological Health for women, Sleep or Mental Well-being; it’s all connected to the Gut. And hence through your Gut, you can get a hold of all these problems. On this premise, we created a science-backed range of probiotics with clinically tested strains of bacteria for Adults & Kids to help fix your Gut and through that, holistically solve digestive, core & women’s health for daily wellness.

Why should we consider The Good Bug ?

The Good Bug is a science-backed range of water-soluble probiotics for Adults & Kids. To improve overall core health, gut health & daily wellness.It is a daily probiotic supplement that contains clinically researched probiotic strains, prebiotics and nutrients. The probiotic strains are microencapsulated that protect the probiotics from the stomach acid and help it reach the intestine. We have synbiotic supplements designed to not only support your gut health but also mental, skin, metabolic and immune health.

How is it different from regular probiotics ?

We have created products after extensive research by choosing specific bacterial strains and nutrients that help tackle those specific disease conditions. Also, the bacterial strains that we have used in our products are not only procured from Italy but we also have microencapsulated each bacteria to avoid degradation by strong stomach acids. Probiotics procured from food need to be consumed in huge amounts to ensure it confers the protective and therapeutic effects hence the need to consume probiotics via supplement arises.

General queries

Do I need a prescription to consume SuperGut Sticks?

No, you do not need a prescription for any of The Good Bug products. However, if you are pregnant or a lactating mother or suffering from any medical condition, please consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.

Can anyone consume it?

Certainly, adult females (18 years+) (excluding those who are pregnant or breastfeeding) as well as males (18 years+) can consume this. Nevertheless, individuals immuno-compromised or with weakened immune systems or those undergoing long-term medication should seek guidance from their healthcare professionals beforehand.

Can I get your products offline or at a retail store?

Yes, you can find us in your nearest Noble Plus Pvt Ltd, Wellness Forever Medicare Limited, Guardian Pharmacy and Apna chemist stores.

How can I chat with your customer service/support team?

A WhatsApp widget is conveniently located at the bottom right corner of the website to provide swift assistance.

How can I speak to an expert ?

You can book a consultation with our expert by clicking here - the footer of the page.

What is the shelf life of the Supergut sticks?

SuperGut Sticks have a shelf life of 18 months. For optimal storage, please keep them below 25 degrees celsius.

Are SuperGut Stick travel friendly?

SuperGut Sticks are easy to pack alongside your essentials while you travel.

Usage & Dosage

When is the best time to consume?

It is advisable to consume SuperGut sticks 30 minutes after any meal.

Do I need to combine all our products in water?

For the majority of our offerings, we've designed a unique "tear, taste, gulp" formula. This means you can enjoy the benefits of these probiotics without the hassle of mixing them in water. It's all about providing you with a seamless and enjoyable experience. However, we do recommend mixing Metabolically Lean, Smooth Move, IBS SuperGut Sticks in 200ml room temperature water for the best results. The act of mixing allows these specific formulations to be better absorbed by your body, maximizing their effectiveness and impact on your gut health. (Note- Avoid using it in extremely hot,cold or lukewarm water)

How long can we have SuperGut Sticks?

SuperGut Sticks can be consumed daily as we don’t get enough Probiotics through diet as most of them can be destroyed by stomach acids. Like all dietary supplements & vitamins, you need to take these SuperGut sticks daily for 3 months to see visible results. In the first few weeks, the probiotics will settle in your gut, and fight off inflammation. Within a month of usage, they will start colonizing your gut. With 3 months of consistent use, your gut microbiome will be balanced with good bacteria, and you will feel the difference.

Can we take the Supergut sticks for more than 3 months?

Yes, If you intend to prolong this regimen beyond 90 days, we advise taking a pause for 7 to 10 days before resuming.

Can I consume multiple products together?

We recommend consuming not more than two SuperGut Stciks in one day. You can have one in the morning and the other during the evening or at night.

From what age can kids have these? Are there any side effects?

Children aged 3 years and above can safely enjoy The Good Bug probiotics - Happy Tummies & Pretty Smart. However, it's important to note that if your child has allergies to any of the ingredients, there is a possibility of experiencing side effects.

Are there any side effects of prolonged consumption?

Absolutely not! All SuperGut Sticks use clinically researched strains in doses that are safe for daily consumption, so you can take them for as long as you like. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients please do not consume the product.

What if I take the supplement once in a while and not every day?

Our supplements work when they’re taken regularly, and they’re less effective if they’re only taken once in a while. If you’re not taking one every day because you forget to, we have a fix. We send a daily supplement log with all our products, which can help you make sure you don’t miss a dose.

Quality & Safety

Why is the probiotic content in your product so low compared to others?

The products that contain high doses of probiotic strains ranging from 20-50 billion cfu, are destroyed by stomach acids and only 5 billion are absorbed. Unlike these products, we use potent doses of microencapsulated probiotic strains ranging from 1-8 billion cfu. Microencapsulation technology ensures that the bacteria are not destroyed by stomach acids and reach the gut alive. In fact, our probiotic strains have a 5 times higher gastrointestinal survival rate than uncoated freeze-dried probiotics due to their microencapsulated form, making them potent and effective. Below is a research paper link to show the efficacy of microencapsulated probiotic strains:

Does it contain any added sugar?

We do not add any sugar to our Supergut sticks. However, we use sweeteners such as Xylitol, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Stevia and/or FOS as single ingredients or in combination that is low in calories, preventing blood sugar spikes and thereby making it suitable for diabetics and calorie conscious.

Are there any allergens ?

Our Supergut sticks are free from lactose, soy or gluten.

Have the supplements been tested?

Every GoodBug product is rigorously tested for its purity and the potency of all its active ingredients by third party NABL accredited labs. We also conduct random tests during and after manufacturing to ensure that no toxins or pathogenic microbial content is present in any of our products.

Do you have any clinical studies on your products or any certifications?

Our ingredients have been used in clinical studies. In addition to that, our manufacturer has certifications such as EU-GMP, FDA, GMP-Bureau Veritas, FSSC-22000.

Order queries

How many days do you take to deliver an order ?

Our standard delivery time is around 3-7 business days once the order is confirmed.

What are the payment modes you offer ?

We offer a variety of payment methods to cater to your preferences. You can choose to pay through Cash on Delivery (COD), make secure online payments, or take advantage of our no-cost EMI option. Feel free to select the option that suits you best during the checkout process.

Do you ship PAN India ?

Absolutely! We offer PAN India shipping to ensure that our products reach customers all across the country. Whether you're in the bustling cities or remote corners, we've got you covered. Feel free to place your order and experience our seamless nationwide delivery service.

Where can I find my tracking information?

You can view your current order tracking information by clicking on Track Order at the footer. You will be able to see the status of your order as well as available tracking information.

Do you provide international shipping services?

While we are actively working towards expanding our services to include international shipping, we currently do not offer it. Rest assured, we have plans to launch international shipping in the near future. We appreciate your interest and patience as we work to provide you with a broader range of shipping options.

Return & Refund

What is the TGB's refund policy

Returns and Replacements can be requested within 10 days of delivery of the order, for the following reasons- Wrong products delivered /Missing products in the order /Damaged products delivered/Expired products delivered. You can also check your Refund & return policy here

What is the timeframe for receiving the full refund?

The refund will be processed by us within 7 business days after the cancellation request is acknowledged.