• Gut issues are #NotAJokeAnymore
  • Blood sugar spikes are #NotAJokeAnymore
  • Major weight fluctuations are #NotAJokeAnymore
  • Hormonal imbalances are #NotAJokeAnymore
  • Poor sleep & increased stress are #NotAJokeAnymore

Well, guess what?
Your overall health is #NotAJokeAnymore

Far too often, we treat our health and well-being as a laughing matter. From ignoring digestive discomfort, dietary concerns to brushing off even bigger health issues, many of us have treated our health as an afterthought. Popping pills and relying on temporary quick-fixes are just some of the ways people take their health casually.  

This April Fool’s Day, there are no pranks to play!

We decided to flip the script, and empower individuals so that they make their health a priority.

This time, no jokes, only health!

But why is your health

  • Because your body’s signs shouldn’t be dismissed as minor inconveniences.
  • Because temporary fixes actually DO NOT FIX the underlying issues.
  • Because  health is not a buzzword. It’s a vital aspect of overall wellness. 
  • Because every choice you make today will show compounded results later. 

Hundreds of people shared their stories

“I have faced confidence issues in the past. It had nothing to do with my looks. And everything to do with my imbalanced gut. At that point in my life, I understood that gut health is #NotAJokeAnymore.  I changed my diet, got to know my triggers, changed my lifestyle, and trust me, I could see the difference.”


“For the longest time, I struggled with recurrent acne. I never paid attention to my poor eating habits - I was eating a lot of junk! It wasn't until I started doing my research and figured out that my poor gut health might be the culprit. That was the moment it hit me - my health was #NotAJokeAnymore.”


“I'd always taken my gut health lightly, but it turns out, it was #NotAJokeAnymore. There's a direct connection between gut health and hormonal balance, and I wasn't paying enough attention to it. That was the moment I made a decision to prioritise my gut health.”


"For months, I pushed through stress, fatigue and low energy. It impacted my body and mental health. I realised my health was #NotAJokeAnymore. I followed proper diet, started exercising regularly and prioritised rest. I feel great now."



How to be part of #NotAJokeAnymore Campaign

It’s simple.
You can share any challenges you overcame, any healthy habits you adopted, your wellness journey achievements and milestones - basically anything that made you or makes you prioritise your health. 

  • Share your journey (photos, text or videos) to inspire others.
  • Use the hashtag #NotAJokeAnymore
  • Tag The Good Bug (@thegoodbug_) on Instagram or with us via the form below.